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Why You Should Relocate to the Midlands

The surest way to find your dream home in the Midlands is by looking from the best estate agents Coventry. Birmingham, in particular, is a great place to live in the Midlands. Aside from the sustainable economy, ample supply of opportunities, and great social benefits, there are a lot more to the Midlands that you should know—historically and culturally.

Check out the following trivia that will make your relocation plans even more exciting:

  1. Sir Isaac Newton was a Midlander – Named as the most influential scientist of all time by The Royal Society, Sir Isaac Newton was a former Grantham schoolboy who discovered gravity and contributed the laws of motion in Physics.
  2. Home to the makers of stilton – The popular blue-veined cheese is produced only in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire by law. They use local cow’s milk in the production of this culturally rich type of cheese.
  3. A true comedy capital – Brummie Tony Hancock, a Birmingham boy, was declared the greatest British comedian of all time in a 2002 BBC poll.
  4. Home to the Sistine Chapel of the ice age – Located in the Nottinghamshire-Derbyshire border is a limestone gorge dubbed by archeologists as the Sistine Chapel of the ice age, the Creswell Crags.
  5. Where the concept of the US started – The Midlands is probably the place where the US was conceived. A group of religious separatists invented the concept of the Land of the Free and set sail for America upon fleeing from the persecutions in the Midlands.

You can ask your estate agents (Birmingham-based) about other great things from the Midlands that will interest you more about the Midland culture and eventually embrace into your family’s own culture.

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